Windless Night in the Forest


Only us awake, we
listen further out,
the trees and me,
we want to hear the stars
hum and the big moon
break its suction when it floats up free
we want more tonight than
the pumping xylem and the blood,
more than our breathing bodies
their Out, my In
my Out, their In

The problem lies
in mine and theirs, in
In and Out
exchanging air we
cannot hear beyond
these noisy workings of our flesh
we keep forgetting to
remember the wholely
true is You in
me and You in
they and me in
Thine and Thine in

those who remember
to forget the books
dead men write of forests
their colored plates of fox and birds
beneath glassine sheets
the only star an asterix foot
note stuck on at the last.

Now we recall real stars
wander and have ears
our thrumming greeness
draws heaven downward
stars drop into our limbs
and hang  trembling above the
nested birds
“We will not let you go unless you sing”
Even caught stars  hold
breath as trees and humans can’t
we  let them go
like the leaves
falling to the dark horizon
past the heavy  tethered moon



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